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Slimming Methods that Works

Stone age diet - is this your way to weight loss?
OK, you want to loose some weight. Here are two of the methods that works, and also a 5 point plan that is more general

Low Glycemic Diets.  It is not the calories that makes you gain weight, but to high level of blood sugar which is transformed into fat helped by your own inculine.   By being careful and eating according to The Glycemic Index Concept you will control the blood sugar level and thereby reducing weight.  This diet advice you to eat smaller meals several 5 or 6 times a day.    You will be eating meat, fish, eggs, lots of vegetables, lenses, berries, nuts.  You will be avoiding white sugar, flour, bread, biscuts, potatoes.  There are several books and websites to study, begin with GI pioneer Michel Montignacs homebase on the web, and try also

Blood Type Diet.  Developed by american Peter D`Adamo, this is a diet is based on the theory that your blood type will point at the things to eat.  If you are bloodtype 0, go for meat and animal proteins and fat.  If you are A, go in the direction of vegetarians, but its OK with some fish and chicken.  If you are B you can go for varied foods, both vegetables and meat etc.  Check out


Atkins / Stoneage diet:  In the 1960ies Dr Robert C Atkins found that eating the right foods while limiting refined carbohydrates in one’s diet changed a person’s body from a carb-burning to a fat-burning machine.  More or less the same principle is also called the Stone Age Diet.  Learn more about the Atkins diet at at Atkins Company website.

5 things to consider

  • What kinds of physical activity do you really like?   Consider doing more of it.
  • Do you sleep enough?  Allow for i.e. one more hour sleeping time.
  • Are you a fast-eater?   Try to eat slower, what`s the hurry?
  • Are you eating only twice a day?  Try to eat less and more often. 
  • High ambitions?  Well - why not aim at 5 kilos down instead.  Make it realistic.
Saturday 7. February, 2009
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